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Understand How The Weather Elements Affect Your Vehicle

Whether you live near the ocean or in the desert, the climate affects your vehicle. The elements can cause your vehicle to age prematurely, which means you spend more time and money repairing or replacing your ride. Understanding the climate's effect on your car can help you take important steps that protect your vehicle and prolong its life.


Salt makes food taste better, but it's harsh on a car. Salt from the ocean and road salt that helps prevent slips during icy weather both harm the paint and corrode metal parts. This damage eventually prevents your car from functioning properly.

While it may take several years for damages to become visible, be sure to check your brake calipers, and nuts and bolts frequently. Look for any brown spots that mark the beginning phases of corrosion. Get those spots repaired immediately, because quick action extends your vehicle's life and saves you money.

If you live or store your car near the ocean, consider covering it with a tarp at the end of the day. You can also park in a garage or under another shelter that is covered on all sides.

Also, wash your vehicle from top to bottom, frequently. Remove any residual salt and protect your vehicle's finish, parts and longevity.

Bright Sun

While sunshine makes us happy, it does not have the same outcome on cars. Sun exposure compromises your vehicle's paint job and can cause it to bubble, crack, chip or peel. Paint repair can be expensive. To avoid this, try storing your vehicle in the shade, under a tarp or in the garage if you live in a sunny climate. You'll also want to apply wax regularly to protect your vehicle from sun damage.

Wet Weather

Damp climates do more than wreck your hair or promote mold growth. Dampness from the ocean or high humidity can accelerate car rust.

To prevent rust growth, keep your vehicle clean and covered, if possible. Check the hood, trunk and door edges frequently to ensure no rust is growing on those hot spots. Be sure to repair any dents or dings right away to prevent rust from developing on those compromised spots.

A certified auto body repair technician can also inspect and repair rust on your vehicle's undercarriage. While even the best auto body tech and full-coverage insurance can't guarantee the rust won't grow back, precautions now can prolong your vehicle’s life.

Because it's expensive and valuable, your car needs a little extra care depending on the climate in which you live. Take steps now to protect your vehicle from the elements.

Contact the auto insurance experts at Newins A Abana Auto Insurance. We're here to educate you on the hidden issues your car may experience because of the elements, and we can ensure you have the necessary insurance for your needs.