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Exploring the Most and Least Expensive Cars to Maintain

Buying a car is an important decision to make. You have to think about things such as purchase price, car features, and car insurance, to name a few items on the list. Another factor to consider when buying a new car is the maintenance on the vehicle.
You should always factor in how much it will cost to maintain your future car. When you buy a new or used car, always do your research to see how much the average part will cost. You may be wondering, what is the cheapest car to maintain?

We’ve listed the top three in each category so you can get a feel for how much these most and least expensive cars cost to maintain.

The Most Expensive Cars to Maintain

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As you consider the costs associated with buying a new or used car, always make sure the maintenance costs won’t be out of your budget. After all, the costs don’t stop once you purchase the vehicle. For the life of the vehicle, you’ll have to put money into the car, so it’s important to ensure that you can afford all of the expenditures.
Here are some of the most expensive cars to maintain over a ten-year period:

1. Chrysler Sebring

The Chrysler brand is known for its pricier upkeep costs, but the Sebring in particular is a costly venture. Over ten years, the average maintenance costs for a Chrysler Sebring is $17,100.
The Sebring was discontinued in 2010, however, you’re bound to still see this vehicle on the road. If you own one, you should be prepared for high maintenance costs to loom. Some of the more common problems that the Sebring experiences include shifting problems with the automatic transmission and intermittent stalling due to sensor failure, to name two of the more common issues.

2. BMW 328i

The BMW 3 series is a highly applauded auto option, including the BMW 328i. With that said, this specific model is also expensive to maintain. The average cost to care for this vehicle would be  $15,600 over ten years. This important factor should definitely be included in your decision-making process when thinking about your purchase of a BMW 328i.
However, if you simply can’t pass up the high-end performance attributes and beauty of the BMW 328i, buy this automobile. Just remember to have some money set aside for any potential maintenance charges that might pop up in the future.

3. Nissan Murano

Nissan is a popular automobile company, as is its flagship car, the Nissan Murano. With a reasonable purchase price for an SUV, many people are quick to purchase this car. If you are one of them, just keep in mind the average maintenance costs for the Nissan Murano over a ten-year span is $14,700.
Don’t get us wrong, the Nissan Murano is a great car. It just might need a little extra TLC every now and again, which might go over your budget.

The Least Expensive Cars to Maintain

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If you’re about to purchase a vehicle with future costs in mind, you want to focus on cars that have lower maintenance costs over a ten-year time period. From the easiest cars to work on to low-cost parts, there are many reasons why some cars cost less to maintain than others.
Here are the top three lowest maintenance cost cars:

1. Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius is a popular option for drivers who have the environment in mind. This eco-friendly vehicle is also friendly on the wallet in regards to upkeep expenditures.
The average price for fixing your Toyota Prius over a period of ten years is less than $4,300. When you buy a Toyota Prius, you can help the environment and your budget at the same time.

2. Honda Fit

Another low cost option to add to your list is the Honda Fit. This automobile is a comfortable car that offers agility in its handling and is gentle on your bank account.
The average cost of maintenance over ten years is $5,500. So, if you like the Honda Fit for how it looks and how it drives, you can also adore it for the minimal repair costs over the years.

3. Toyota Camry

Another Toyota that makes the list for its cheaper repair features is the Toyota Camry. This sedan is a comfortable car for the family, couples, or single individuals to enjoy. It’s also a low cost alternative for future needs.
The ten-year average cost of maintenance for the Toyota Camry is $5,200. When you spread this amount over ten years, you can rest easy knowing it’s an affordable option that won’t break your bank in the future.

Keep Maintenance Costs in Mind When Buying a Car

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When you buy a new or used car, you’ll obviously look at the purchase price, but don’t forget to consider future maintenance costs as well. And with COVID-19 issues in effect, you have additional things to consider, so be sure to be mindful of these issues when buying a car, also.
Whether you want one of the cheapest cars to own or can spend a bit more on an automobile, all of these prices should be included in your calculations, as well as insurance costs.
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