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Surefire Ways To Get Cheap Auto Insurance

Saving money on auto insurance puts more cash in your pocket. Here are some excellent questions to ask your agent in order to discover surefire ways to get cheap auto insurance:

  1. 1. How much will I save if I raise my deductible?

    Simply raising your deductible can lower your annual insurance premium by hundreds of dollars. Ask your agent to run the numbers and find the best deductible for your budget.

  2. 2. Do I need full coverage on my policy?

    If vehicles are older or if the owner isn’t concerned with protecting the vehicle itself, you typically don’t need “Full Coverage” for “comprehensive/collision.” This is normally the case, too, if the vehicle isn’t currently being financed. You might also be able to drop some coverage that isn’t required to meet the “State Minimum” requirements. Ask your agent to review your policy, and drop the extras you don't need.

  3. 3. Would I save money if I move to a different neighborhood?

    Where you live may impact your insurance rate. If you’re planning on moving, be sure to contact your agent to see if that will have an impact on your rate.

  4. 4. Will a poor driving record cost more money?

    Typically, accidents and/or moving violations will cause premiums to increase. However, that can be offset by discounts, such as a prior insurance discount. Be sure to ask your agent about any discounts related to good/bad driving records.

  5. 5. Is my credit score affecting my premium?

    At A Abana Auto Insurance, we don’t run a credit check. It’s invasive to our customers and doesn’t matter to us if you have good credit or poor credit.

  6. 6. Does my age affect my premium?

    Your insurance premium may change based on your age. As a rule of thumb (but not always the case), younger, more inexperienced drivers will have a higher rate. Our best advice to a young driver is to keep a clean driving record to avoid any rate increases.

Getting cheap auto insurance is easy when you ask your agent these questions. At A Abana Insurance, we're ready to help you get the best possible rates. Contact us today.